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As far as rock crawling goes, some of us like it and some of us don't. Those in the club who enjoy it
are very good at it. Some of our members enjoy rocks the size of city blocks. Once you experience
the chirping tires on a near vertical climb on our yearly trips to Moab Utah, you'll know why we go
back there year after year...
From the Golden Crack to Lions Back to
playing in local gravel pits, it'a all about
wheeling with friends and getting that rush
when your on the edge.
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Our club enjoys the freedom of
allowing only streetable 4x4's on most
runs. If we decide to leave the trail and
beat the pavment in the city looking for
a good spot to have lunch we can do so
without braking the law. In addition to
streetable trail rigs a lot of us also have
4x4's that are unsuitable for street
driving, there's always a time and place
for wheeling those rigs too.
Our club
enjoys to
run tight,
trails, and
Rules and Regulations
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The North Shore Wheelers are a Northen Minnesota based Off Road vehicle Club.
Updated for 2013!
We had a large turnout for last years open house, will you join us this year?
Our club is very family
oriented; including a wide
variety of ages.  We are
very accommodating to
newcomers, and wheeling
veterans alike...
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We only wheel, legal
sustainable, trails.  
We stand for
recreation, and
expect others to
also, or we will loose
our opurtunity to
explore this great
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