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jforse | 23-April-2014 | 9:41:23
Cutting 3/8" aluminum: I need to turn this: http://s163.photobucket.com/user/jforse/media/A88F2AAE-9CDE-4FB5-9955-4B20324BFD8B_zpsxndgaxaz.jpg.html I think i'm going to try the sawzall method first.

Grayguy | 22-April-2014 | 19:22:22
What have you done to your rig lately part next...: Well, I'm not really sure. The starter was kinda loose, and the battery was total garbage. Basically all I did was tighten up the starter, hook up the jumpers, and shoot it with ether. I have no idea why it didn't have spark last time I tried it... Stupid renix

dispatch55126 | 21-April-2014 | 6:23:21
Open House 2014: I have E3 reserved Friday and Saturday.

dispatch55126 | 20-April-2014 | 20:20:20
Members introduce yourselves: Thanks. I'll probably pull the links off at the campsite friday night.

theducksguts | 20-April-2014 | 15:33:20
New NSW4x4.com site now live!: Looks good, aside from the members list which needs to be updated. The events section looks great and has a nice write up about open house. Looks like a great front page, can't think of much else. It will come together more over time, the big thing is that it's finished and we have a more modern pag...

Hill,BillE. | 19-April-2014 | 15:22:19
Chip's Tire in Moab and tire review: While in Moab, I discovered that one of my Cooper STT's had a damn 'boot' in it, right on the corner of the tread/sidewall. Not a good place for a patch when you air down and wheel. Not being able to source a pair of STT's, I went with the ST MAXX on all four corners. http://s1286.photobucket.com/us...

99taco | 18-April-2014 | 7:39:18
Job Opening: We have a full time opening in Duluth for an apartment maintenance tech at Boulder Ridge/Campus Park Apartments. 40hrs/week M-F, 1 Saturday/month Please shoot me a PM if interested in details.

wannajeep | 15-April-2014 | 19:33:15
New 15 Jeep Renagade: Have you seen these yet? It looks like a Fiat 500 4 door with a Jeep grill. It is supposed to replace the 2 other current compacts. :pukeright: Don't Google it. You can't un-see it.

As far as rock crawling goes, some of us like it and some of us don't. Those in the club who enjoy it are very good at it. Some of our members enjoy rocks the size of city blocks. Once you experience the chirping tires on a near vertical climb on our yearly trips to Moab Utah, you'll know why we go back there year after year...
From the Golden Crack to Lions Back to playing in local gravel pits, it'a all about wheeling with friends and getting that rush when your on the edge.
Our club is very family oriented; including a wide variety of ages. We are very accommodating to newcomers, and wheeling veterans alike...
We only wheel, legal sustainable, trails. We stand for responsible recreation, and expect others to also, or we will loose our opurtunity to explore this great land!!
Our club enjoys the freedom of allowing only streetable 4x4's on most runs. If we decide to leave the trail and beat the pavment in the city looking for a good spot to have lunch we can do so without braking the law. In addition to streetable trail rigs a lot of us also have 4x4's that are unsuitable for street driving, there's always a time and place for wheeling those rigs too.
Our club enjoys to run tight, narrow trails, and forest roads...