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neohic | 23-April-2016 | 18:56:23
New Beginings for old New Beginings: Time for an update, eh? There have been a ton of things going on lately in the form of life getting in the way of the fun stuff. Mainly trying to sell our house. See... we're moving to Colorado. :twisted.gif:

DblCabMN | 19-April-2016 | 13:49:19
3rd Gen 4Runner build: Nice - ever find a way to keep the mice out of the vents?

Hill,BillE. | 13-April-2016 | 15:36:13
CB stuff: That's your best bet. Radio Shack has a limited selection, and are only at the Miller Mall now. (Park by the Sears Garage is closest/easiest) I have some odds and ends, and can make up coax. (I have a spool of RG8x and PL259 connectors) I also have an extremely good antenna analyzer now, and can se...

Hill,BillE. | 13-April-2016 | 15:30:13
Completely random....: Shortly after it grows to "Cord" size. :alien:

00brandon | 11-April-2016 | 21:57:11
a bit of a teaser shot: heres a few more pictures

jeeperkate | 11-April-2016 | 7:28:11
Barn find....race car?: http://www.stephenburnettauthor.ca/jaguar/) Here's what he is hoping to find: "What...">Hey everyone! I have a friend in Kingston, Ontario that is hoping to find a rare "barn car." He has most recently restored/constructed a Jaguar race car, and is very much a car enthusiast. (See his jaguar project here: http://www.stephenburnettauthor.ca/jaguar/) Here's what he is hoping to find: "What...

wannajeep | 7-April-2016 | 19:02:07
Project Darkside: Gears gave the best return of anything I did to mine. Good score on the pile o parts.

Sparky | 4-April-2016 | 17:27:04
Project De-bling: Bump it up, has been more than a year. I am in good shape getting this thing ready for Moab this year. Got the bumper to a good point still planning on doing a grill guard and some more gussets. But I am liking it so far. Looking forward to Moab this year, it is going to be a fun time. Got a water p...

As far as rock crawling goes, some of us like it and some of us don't. Those in the club who enjoy it are very good at it. Some of our members enjoy rocks the size of city blocks. Once you experience the chirping tires on a near vertical climb on our yearly trips to Moab Utah, you'll know why we go back there year after year...
From the Golden Crack to Lions Back to playing in local gravel pits, it'a all about wheeling with friends and getting that rush when your on the edge.
Our club is very family oriented; including a wide variety of ages. We are very accommodating to newcomers, and wheeling veterans alike...
We only wheel, legal sustainable, trails. We stand for responsible recreation, and expect others to also, or we will loose our opurtunity to explore this great land!!
Our club enjoys the freedom of allowing only streetable 4x4's on most runs. If we decide to leave the trail and beat the pavment in the city looking for a good spot to have lunch we can do so without braking the law. In addition to streetable trail rigs a lot of us also have 4x4's that are unsuitable for street driving, there's always a time and place for wheeling those rigs too.
Our club enjoys to run tight, narrow trails, and forest roads...